Torus Charge Bundle Enthusiast Save 15% Torus 720 DT Piano Black or Pearl White and 3 Connector Tips USBC Apple Micro usb
Torus 720 DT Connector Tips
Torus 720 DT Connector Tips
Torus 720 DT Connector Tips
Torus 720 DT Connector Tips
Torus 720 DT  black iphone charging cable data transfer
Torus 720 DT black iphone white charging cable data transfer
Torus 720 DT black micro usb charging cable data transfer
Torus 720 DT white iphone charging cable data transfer
Torus 720 DT black USB C charging cable data transfer
Torus 720 white USB C charging cable data transfer
Torus 720 Characteristic Transfer Data 480bm/s Max Power 18Watts Charching QuickCharge 3.0 Rotation 360 + 180 Iphone USBC MicroUsb Color Pearl White, Piano Black
Torus Charge Bundle Enthusiast Save 15% Torus 720 DT Piano Black or Pearl White and 3 Connector Tips USBC Apple Micro usb

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- 1 Torus 720 cables + 1 Tip
- 3 connector Tips


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Torus 720 DT Connector Tips

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Wide Compatibility

Works With Most Popular Brands


18 Watt Fast Charging

The Torus 720 DT supports Qualcomm's Quickcharge 3.0. When paired with compatible devices, a QuickCharge enabled charger delivers extra power, allowing the connected device to charge faster. As one of the most widely used of the fast charging technologies, Quickcharge is already in many of your favorite smartphones. If your smartphone is QuickCharge 3.0 compatible, you can charge up to 80% in just 35 minutes.


480 Mb/s

Synchronise your device, transfer data and stream audio, with speeds of up to 480 mb/s. Now you can enjoy True Mobility while transferring data to your personal computer or streaming your favorite songs.


Secure and Efficient Charging

The Smart Chip on The Torus 720 DT ensures that during the charging process your device is protected against power surges, current back flow and short circuits. While the 18Watt fast charging capabilities allows to quickly replenish your battery to 80%, the Trickle Charging works during the last 20% of the charging cycle and has been designed to ease the electrical current to extend the battery lifespan. Trickle charging also decreases the possibility of fire since it allows the battery on your phone to avoid overheating.


360º Rotation + 180º Bendable

This technology allows you to freely move your device, while tethered, without putting strain on the cable. The magnetic swivel combined with the bendable connector head are the foundation of the True Mobility revolutionary technology. This design is also very efficient as an anti-tearing solution, making the cable more resistant to wear and tear.


Strong & Durable

The new Torus 720 DT connectors are gold plated to improve reliability on each connection and to allow for extra durability. With a SR Inline Structure and Reinforced Tail Design, the 720 DT is capable of withstanding violent bending without damaging the electrical and data wires, this design improvement also ensures a tensile strength of up to 44 pounds or 20Kg. The all new TPE outer layer delivers a smooth, pleasing to the touch, finish.


Take It Everywhere

The Torus 720DT is the perfect companion for outdoor activities, you can use your phone connected to the Powerbank on a rainy day, by the pool or at the beach knowing that neither water nor dust will cause charging issues. If by chance your device is exposed to water jets from any direction for three minutes, the IPX5 rating guarantees, it will still function well.

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Protect Your Device's Charging Port

From Breakage And Clogging

One of the most common causes of charging problems is the charging port becoming clogged with dirt, dust, or debris. Dirt or lint can build up inside the charging port and prevent the charging cable from engaging properly with the charging contacts inside the port. The Torus Connector Tips will keep your device's most fragile component protected at all times.


Q: Where can I buy the Torus charging cables?

A: The Torus cables are exclusively available through TorusCharge.com online store. That's why we can guarantee the best price - and cut out unnecessary margins for retailers that normally raise the retail price.

Q: What about shipping costs and returns?

A: We offer FREE shipping worldwide, with tracking numbers. Returns are accepted within 14 days after you receive your order. We offer a 30-Day warranty on our cables and a 1-Year warranty on our chargers.

Q: Is Fast Charging bad for battery?

A: No. Unless there's some technical flaw with your battery or charger electronics, however, using a fast charger won't do your phone's battery any long-term damage. That's because during the first phase of charging, batteries can absorb a charge quickly without major negative effects on their long-term health.

* Attention: Due extremely high demand, we expect delivery times of 12 to 20 business days worldwide.