Our Vision

We, at Torus Charge, admire Apple’s vision on what charging our notebooks should be like, yes, we are talking about MagSafe. For those who never had the opportunity to connect their laptop’s charger by simply allowing it to pull itself in place, we can assure you it is the most satisfying and practical manner to charge our portable computers.

Since mobile phones quickly replaced our laptops on the most practical daily tasks, we decided it was time to apply this vision to charging our silicon brain extensions.
Our phones go everywhere we go and power-banks are a very practical method to charge them anywhere, but using regular cables doesn’t improve the cumbersome experience of using our devices while tethered: the cable is still annoyingly intrusive, specially when on landscape mode, and still gets easily tangled, which quickly leads to a broken wire.

The Torus cables solve all this, the magnetic swivel allows for 360º rotation whilst avoiding putting strain on the cable, and the 180º bendable connecting head makes using our mobile phone while charging a very pleasant experience.
Another added benefit is the use of interchangeable USB Type-C , Lightning and Micro USB Tip which not only allow us to use the same cable for multiple devices, as it also avoids one of the most common charging problems, a broken or debris stuffed charging port. Because of their small form factor, these Tips can be kept in your phone protecting its most fragile section.

Charging our mobile phones is certainly on the top 3 of the most inconvenient tasks and we simplified it as much as possible, because the Torus Charge Team believes that: the simpler inconvenient tasks are, the better!